Welcome to UPUVicUni

This website is for international students studying an English course called University Preparation Undergraduate at Victoria University, Melbourne.

The aim of this wiki is for teachers to provide students with a central location containing resources directly supporting the course books. If one of your course booklets has suggested ILC activities then we will add the link to this wiki to save you typing long website addresses. We will also add links to general websites or practice exercises for the four main language skills plus study skills.

It is intended that this wiki will be used by all students in UPU over many intakes. For this reason it will not contain individual student's work or contributions. If you strongly feel that you would like a wiki just for your class then talk to your teacher. Of course, if you find a very useful website that you think would be beneficial to other students please ask your teacher to add the link to the wiki.

We hope that this wiki will help you with the course.