Before you write

Planning and organising Toronto
Organising essay Toronto
Getting started - research

Writing your essay

Video - cohesion in writing Learn about writing cohesive paragraphs using transition signals.

In-text referencing

There are many referencing systems used in academic writing. You need to read assignment information carefully to make sure you follow the correct system. At ELI you will use the Harvard System because it is used by the Business Faculty. If you are a science or law student you will probably use a different system.
VU library referencing guides You need to use these guides when you start your university course. If you are unsure which reference system your faculty uses, check the assignment requirements or ask the lecturer.
Using sources

Referring to sources

Referencecite AucklandUni Very extensive website on referencing with videos and activities.

Referring to sources Includes exercises and video

This is a referenceing activity which relates to exercise 3 on pages 83 - 84


Proof reading for accuracy
Checking for spelling mistakes
Revising and editing
Using the computer to help editing
Style and editing advice

General writing sources

Owl English Purdue This website has a great amount of advice and many exercises. It includes tips for writing assignments, research, grammar, style guides and ESL (English as a Second Language) .